Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A bit about how the Bee works

Spellers compete in teams of 3, in rounds of 4--6 teams. Teams are seated together at small café tables. Each team has a whiteboard and some markers.

Spelling words are projected onto the wall behind the teams (no peeking!).

The announcer reads the word and may use the word in a sentence. Team members confer about the spelling, and the member with the neatest handwriting writes the word on the whiteboard.

If a team has purchased a "Mulligan" and chooses NOT to spell a word, they hand in their cardboard "M".

After a period of time (or sooner, if all teams have finished), the teams raise their whiteboards simultaneously for checking. Teams who spelled the word correctly or opted out with a Mulligan will advance to the next word; eliminated spelling teams will remain seated at the café tables until the round is concluded.

Winners from each round advance to the final Championship Round. Mulligans may not be used in the Championship Round.

The Spelling Champions receive a standing ovation, Enormous Bragging Rights, and their names (team and individual) are recorded on a Bee plaque in the lower foyer of the Library.

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