Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dressing for Success

Some teams dress up for the Bee, and they add to the evening's festive atmosphere. In no particular order, here are some (but not all) of the best-dressed teams of yesteryear:

  • Chickering Chicks: School Committee team, wearing rhinestone-studded T-shirts and--you have got to see this in the photos--chicken hats. Priceless.
  • Desperate Housewives: a lovely trio, dressed to match their namesakes of Wisteria Lane fame. And although they resembled their characters superficially, this great group played fair and graciously.
  • Precious Bee-ginnings: a local preschool (Precious Beginnings) sported shirts designed by Dover artist Jane Bleakley, reminding us all to Bee Precious, Bee Strong, and Bee Smart.
  • Dover Foundation: fabulous costumes, fantastic hats. Always a magnificent performance.
  • Claybrook Roadies: this team dressed in black t-shirts, jeans and caps. They nearly stole the show, too--they're very good spellers!
  • Spellunkers: watch the DCTV reruns to see the blinking miner's cap. Hilarious.
  • Spell's Angels: the dark side of the otherwise sunny Children's Room staff. The name says it all.
  • Library Queens: this famous trinity (Staff, Friends and Trustees) played in ball gowns and tiaras. Just like they do every day.
  • Dover Mothers' Association: this team won the '06 Bee in shirts rightly proclaiming: "The Moms are da Bomb". Their '07 attire was somewhat subdued by contrast--tee-shirts sporting a tastefully-designed logo. They're still Da Bomb in my books.
  • The Chicatabot Garden Club came with gloves, aprons, hats and trowels in '06. I firmly believe that if you can spell "Chicatabot" you can win the Bee.

This year we will be awarding Best Costume and Best Name distinctions. Go rummage through your closets!

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