Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another study break?

http://www.vocabulary.com/ is my new favorite word site.  It uses the Visual Thesaurus technology, and contains word lists, lesson plans, subject-specific vocabulary, an etymological dictionary, and loads of other entertaining links.  I enjoyed the interactive vocabulary quiz (it scores like the SATs, except it explains your mistakes--yes, I had a few), and--of course--it features the online Spelling Bee.

Almost makes me want to sit for a standardized test, now that I've got all the tools in one place...

Take a peek. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

While away your time until the next Bee

I subscribe to the Visual Thesaurus on line, and was interested to see an article about a new website called lexicalist.  Check it out--it tells you what words are in vogue in various parts of the country.  I searched "Spelling Bee" and was dismayed to see that Massachusetts' use of the term was only #36 in the nation.

The site gives you breakout on words used by gender, age, location, and change in frequency.  It is going to be fun to explore in greater depth....after I mow the yard.