Sunday, February 28, 2010


Higgins Wine and Spirits right here in Dover is the perfect blend of what all a local store offers in spirit and knowledge but with the selection you might find at a big store. They offer tastings and want the customer to be happy. Sometimes I think they can read minds. The other night, I ran in to grab a bottle of red wine and Tammy Lomenzo directed me to a new one they had in that she thought I might like. She also let me know that they had a limited supply and it was flying off the shelf so if I liked it to let her know and she’d set some aside for me. I loved it – as did those I shared it with – and called her the next day to secure more! Who else looks out for customers like that? Higgins has long supported of the Dover Library - they have helped us with fundraisers, donating their time to events such as Oktoberfest this past fall, and they are a presence on the Holiday House Tours, dispensing knowledge (and coupons!). And they are showing their support for us once again, with a $25 gift card for our Bee Tree. Whomever gets this item is lucky indeed; with the knowledgeable staff at Higgins to help you make a purchase, the only hard part will be narrowing down the choices of what great things to buy!


Trader Joe’s in Needham has graciously agree to donate a $50 bag of groceries to our Bee Tree. Trader Joe’s is one of those gem stores – offering a variety of foods and always at a good price. Back in my college days in Southern California, where Trader Joe’s is based, it was the go to store for everything. Food was fresh and healthy and suited a college budget; it was also where you could get Vodka of the Gods, THE party mixer, which I believe, due to MA liquor laws in not available out here. But I digress … Nowadays, I stock up on cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies, organic milk (best non-sale price I’ve found), and the microwave hash browns that are the only thing my 4 year old will eat for breakfast. If they are out of them, it is because I usually buy all they have in stock – sorry! Due to my waistband, I try to avoid the frozen croissants (regular and chocolate!) but if you want ones that are bakery fresh, these are for you. I always leave with a full bag of goodies and a jingle in my pocket – who could ask for more?


While we have lots of local donors to the Bee – and we are forever grateful for those! – we do have some big names that donated items to us, and they need no introduction. So without further ado, a big thanks to:

Bed Bath & Beyond for sending us a $10 gift card ( No matter what you need for your home, you will find it there!

Costco for donating a $25 gift card ( so you can get more, for less.

The Boston Red Sox for sending us a signed picture of relief pitcher Hideki Okajima ( Act now - this will soon be a collector’s item!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Taking a word out of play: Gonorhyncus is incorrect

Darn. It was a good word, too.

Thanks to Cliff Brown of the COD team for pointing out that the correct spelling for this type of fish is gonorhynchus--it has a second "h".

I proofread the word lists and check and double-check, but inevitably at least one word is published incorrectly. I apologize--it is entirely my error.

Thank you, Cliff, for finding it and pointing it out.

If you find any other misspellings, please bring them to my attention.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I can’t believe my spell checker did not highlight that! I wrote it because we need an especially magnificent word to describe our Top #1 Superdonor, Dover Automotive.

If you live in Dover, chances are Doug Wolfe changes your oil. He does a variety of repair work for us. Once the running board snapped off the side of my car, and the dealer wanted big bucks and a couple of weeks to replace it. Doug did it for a fraction of that cost, and faster than I could have gotten to and from a dealer. After that, there was no turning back for us—everything automotive goes to Doug. If he can’t fix it, he will tell you.

Doug recently made me look like a superhero, which is no mean feat. I was home one morning when the phone rang: my teenager had forgotten that it was school picture day and was wearing a t-shirt. We use those school photos for Christmas gifts, so I figured this was not the time for a “teachable moment”. I found an acceptable outfit and prepared to drive it to school, only to discover that my car battery had died.

The first line of defense was to call the 800 number on my windshield, so I did that. Got a jump start pretty quickly, but the driver did tell me that he thought my battery was stone dead and that I should drive right over to the dealer to get it replaced. Well, that was all very nice and good, but I had a shirt to deliver, so I did what any sensible person in my position would have done: called Doug.

Doug picked up on the first ring, and gave me these instructions: “Go to school and deliver the shirt, but do not turn the car off. When you have finished delivering, come directly here to the shop.” Off I ran, ignoring the “no idling” law in the school parking lot, and then back to Dover Automotive.

Doug took a look under the hood and said “Do you have to be anywhere in the next 15 minutes?” Well, I had a school pickup for a tennis lesson in 20 minutes, but I did have 15 minutes. “Wait right there” said Doug, and off he went, phone ringing in his hand.

In twelve minutes I was driving out of Whiting Road with a brand new battery. Picked up my carpool, off to tennis, and then made the other carpool. Looked like an absolute hero. (Not that anyone in my car noticed, but that’s a different story.)

Where else can this happen but Dover Automotive?

(Oh, and the school picture came out great.)

Thanks, Doug! Your generous contribution makes the Bee run smoothly, just like the cars.

That's STATIONERY, not stationary...

This year the word list features a section called "The Elements of Style", named for William Strunk, junior's 1918 classic.  You might glance at this section and dismiss it as being full of easy words, but look more closely--this is where I hid all the homophones that trip up the casual speller.  You will find complement as well as compliment, and stationery and stationary.  You had better know the difference, if you want to win!

Now that I have gotten your attention and raised your anxiety level, let me pay a compliment (or several) to our friends at Taylor's Stationery on Highland Avenue in Needham.  I am a die-hard stationery and fountain pen snob, and Taylor's is best place around for these two of my favorite obsessions.  They carry a number of quality stationery lines, including Vera Bradley and Crane's, and they know how to run a good sale. (They are running a special on Crane's right now: purchase 100 pieces or more of engraved or letterpress stationery sets from the selection shown and receive free dies, or purchase 100 pieces or more of thermographed or flat printed stationery sets and receive the printed address on the envelope free.  You're going to save between $58 and $96 on your purchase, which makes it extremely hard to justify NOT placing an order.  Especially if you go the engraving route: free dies will make your next order even less expensive.)  They also have a terrific selection of "nifty gifties" for every occasion, and a clever and well-curated collection of greeting cards.  I would tip you off to their excellent holiday cards (and the fact that they sometimes publish sale coupons for them in the Dover-Sherborn Press), but Taylor's made my family Christmas card photo look so good last year that I don't want to give away that, never mind.   

One tidbit I will share with you is Taylor Stationery's generosity to the Bee Tree.  The last time I went by, they had an envelope for the Bee containing a $50 gift card.  Pluck that off the Tree and you are well on your way to something fabulous.  (But go early--I know of three people already who are scheming to buy that Word Bee and reap the benefits!)

I could (and do) spend hours getting lost in Taylor's--the more you look, the more you find.  I suppose that means that stationery can make one stationary... Go, find out for yourself. And while you are there, thank Jack and his helpful team for their support of your Library.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Le mot juste

The Bee is always happy to welcome back returning players—it’s like seeing old friends again. But we are also glad to welcome new players into the event, to mix things up a bit. This year we are delighted to welcome a group that is not only new to the Bee, but comprised of players who do not even live in Dover.

The COD team was one of our first entrants this year. COD, you ask? Like the Cape? The fish? Call of Duty? (That one came from my teenager-in-residence.) Cash on Delivery? (That last one is getting pretty close.) No, the Bee’s COD team stands for Crack O’ Dawn—the early-morning bicycle-riding fund-raising powerhouses.

You might remember an article the Boston Globe carried this fall about this biking group. They have their own website,, which shows their routes, their stats, and their sense of humor (go on, have a look). You may even have heard them riding down the road outside of your bedroom window when most people you know still think it’s nighttime.

What you probably have NOT heard about is their charitable bent. The people affiliated with COD have raised, they estimate, nearly $2 million for the Pan Mass Challenge. Imagine how many miles they’ve logged to raise that kind of money.

And now, three of the COD cyclists are raising money for your Library. They figure that they enjoy riding through Dover, and want to give back to the community. How cool is that?

On March 25th we will say hello and welcome to COD riders Cliff Brown, Rich Polt and Bruce Cohen. This summer Cliff expects to surpass the $250,000 mark for PMC fundraising (he has been riding for PMC since 1999). Cliff and his family are great supporters of their local library in Brookline, and he brings his love of reading and Scrabble-playing skills to Dover. Rich Polt is the founder of Louder than Words, a public relations firm which supports philanthropic organizations and activities (check out his blog—you will like it). Bruce Cohen, who has completed nine marathons and earned a place in the United States Lacrosse Hall of Fame, has already passed the $250,000 fundraising mark for the PMC, and is looking forward to celebrating his 42nd wedding anniversary with his wife.

I can’t wait to meet these guys. And I have JUST the right word for them: eleemosynary. It means “relating to charity”. If anyone can relate to charity, I think it’s the COD team.

Welcome, and thank you for playing!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Corporate Donations

The Bee has grown larger over the years, with the addition of the Bee Tree and Bee Cafe a few years ago. This year we decided to take our fundraising a step further and approached local businesses to be sponsors of the Bee at various levels. We do not have many expenses, but those that we do incur take away from the total amount that will benefit the library - and that is where we want all the money to go. In order to maximize fundraising efforts, we sent a letter to businesses in Dover and those with a Dover connection. And already, we have had wonderful members of community answer our call. Read all about them below, but a special thanks to Chestnut Street Animal Hospital, Miss Erin's School of Dance, Dr. Mark Manikian, DDS, and Roche Bros. supermarkets.


Who can be nicer than people who help animals? It's hard to think of anyone, and no one is a greater friend of my cat than Dr. Holly Kelsey and the team at Chestnut Street Animal Hospital - just up the road on Chestnut Street in Needham. I won't go as far to say he likes to get in the carrier to go to the vet, but once he arrives and sees where he is, he does relax a bit! When we moved here, several people referred me to them, and they take excellent car of Smokey. They also take care of the community, and this year are "Busy Bee" donors to the Bee. Now that's something we can all purr about!


If you read these entries, you'll find I am a fan of places that deliver. And Roche Bros. is a great delivery store. They have all the things I need, and my groceries come to me! But it is also fun to go to the store in Wellesley, where I can peruse the aisles and ogle the ready-made cases. They have kid-sized carts, much to my kids' delight. The upside is that each child gets a cart to push and stays happy; the downside is it can take 45 minutes to get 20 things! But what we lack in speed we make up in fun. The folks at Roche Bros. are friendly and helpful, and they are also supporters of the Dover Library. They have given gift cards and products to past events, and this year, they are "Honey Bee" donors. Quality service indeed! Check out their locations and delivery options at


With no offense to the profession, it is rare to find a dentist that kids actually want to go see. However, such is the case with Dr. Mark Manikian, DDS, on Centre Street. Both my son and I see him, and my son loves to go show off his teeth and get his clean teeth certificate from Dr. Manikian. Each night while brushing, my son proudly says he is doing a good job - "just like Dr. Manikian said to." A longtime resident, Dr. Manikian is another person who gives back to our town's resources, donating as a "Busy Bee" to our Bee. We appreciate his support of the library and, thanks to his skills, can flash our pearly whites with confidence!


My daughter is too young for dance lessons and ballet is not up my son's alley, but as I hear from kids and moms alike, Miss Erin's School of Dance is the place to go. I have been regaled with tales of costumes and recitals and most importantly, fun - all the excitement I remember when as a child I took dance. Miss Erin's is right here in Dover at the Caryl School, and as part of the community, owner/teacher Erin McParkland-McCann gives back to community, such as her school's support of the Bee. By donating as a "Busy Bee," Miss Erin's is making sure that after class, her students have a sound place to research dance history and learn more about their moves.

Friday, February 19, 2010


It is rare that you can say a grocery store actually saved the day, but in the case of Dover Market, it is true. It was my mother-in-law's birthday and I was making dinner and my 4 year old wanted to make the cake. As the day wore on, it became increasingly clear that there was no way this was all going to come together. Enter Dover Market. I called and got Chef Cindy and she set aside for us some amazing chicken - far better than what I was attempting to cook - and some beautiful flowers from Lovell's that they had right there in the front. With that taken care of, and the sides already made, we could focus on bigger issues - like exactly how many sprinkles will fit on a cake! But whether it is a dinner emergency, high end meats, catering, daily groceries or just a milk run, Dover Market has you covered. Dover Market also is a long supporter of the library - did you have the amazing sausages Dave Felleman made for the Friends' Oktoberfest? Or Chef Cindy's soup and pastry puffs at the Holiday House Tour? If you did not have either, stop by today to see what you are missing. And the Dover Market has come through again, donating a $50 gift card to the Bee Tree. Thank you!


Just down the road a bit is a Red Sox farm team, the Pawtucket Red Sox. A great place to take kids to games, you avoid the lines and cost of Fenway but get all of the action and can see up and coming Sox players take the field. And thanks to their donation to the Bee Tree, 4 tickets to a game can be yours for the taking. A great way for the family to spend a summer afternoon! Check out team info at


The holiday card photo - more trying to get a good picture of the kids - always adds to the holiday stress. So why not leave it to the pros? Portrait Simple has offered a solution by donating a free sitting and 6 sheet package to the Bee Tree. With their pros taking the shots and plenty of poses to choose from, that holiday gem has to be in there. And with the six sheets of pics, there will be plenty for you to share pics of the kids (or mom and dad too!). Who knew it could be so easy to be picture perfect?! For more info, visit

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What is cuter than baby animals? Maybe your kids communing with the baby animals? Well if you are looking to channel Dr. Doolittle and take cuteness to the nth degree, you'll have your chance thanks to Zoo New England donating 4 passes to the Bee Tree. Good for use at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston or the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, these passes will make for a fun, and educational, day out. Read all about the zoos and their programs (including animal birth announcements!) at


I have not yet made the trip up to Story Land, but if my friends experiences and the buzz on the Dover Moms' site are even half true, it is the perfect place to take little ones for an amusement park adventure. Repeat visits are the norm - seems like kids and parents love this place! Rides are the right scale and speed, prices are reasonable and with its close proximity, it makes for an easy mini-vacation. The kind people at Story Land also are helping with our Bee, donating 2 passes to the Bee Tree. So you can have a fun weekend and help the library! See what all is there at


While my son points out things to ask Santa for weekly, he does not yet know there is a place where it is all Santa, all the time. I kind of dread the day he learns about Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH, because I know then anytime we talk of taking a trip, that will be his #1 destination choice! Just a hop skip and a jump away, this is a place where it is holiday magic, regardless of the calendar date (well, as long as it is May-December - Santa needs a vacation too!). With rides, festivities, reindeer and Santa himself, Santa's Village makes for a great weekend getaway. And if you purchase the 2 passes they donated to the Bee Tree, you'll be that much closer to having a holly, jolly day! Check it out at

Saturday, February 13, 2010

They're BAAAAACK: The Defending Champions return!

We have just received the paperwork for the Spellunkers, the 2009 Bee champions.  This team, most recently consisting of Dr. Pamela Mok, attorney Lori Krusell, and author Tod Dimmick, has been playing in the Bee for several years, in varying compositions.  Their two consistent features from year to year are their fabulous headgear and--of course--their spelling acumen.  They will be a tough team to beat (for you AND for me).  Come out to the Bee on March 25th and cheer them on, or take them on.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Teams are rolling in!

Now that the words are published, the pressure is on for teams to form and start preparing.  I'm delighted to report that we have several teams--new and returning--emerging to play in the 2010 Bee.

So far, Ms Wood's Chickering class wins the prize for the most Bee participants.  The class voted on the name for the team of parents representing the class: Wood's Word Wizards (you cannot say that 10 times fast--unless you are in the 3rd grade) consists of two-time Bee veteran Sara Muckstadt, joined by newbies (new-bees?) Laura Rinaldi and Dick Greene.  Watch out for this team; I suspect they're going to be very good.  And I know that their cheering section will be very loud...

Ms Wood's class can also claim bragging rights for part of the Bee List Celebrities, constituted by Greg Kahoun and Chickering parents Will Bleakley (Ms Wood's class) and Paul Fiore.  These three won the round that sent me scrambling for the dictionary last year--they ran me out of words.  Watching how fluidly they responded to the difficult words read by MC George Doherty last spring, I had the sudden and alarming impression that they must use words like terpsichorean and immiserate in everyday speech. I'm glad that my high-schooler is not taking the SATs alongside of these guys--they'd blow the curve.

Talk to the parents of your children's friends and classmates, and form a team. The Dear Friend letter makes it easy to get a wide base of support relatively quickly, and puts you in the game.  Your kids will be so proud of you for playing (and they might even help you study!), and you will be doing a very good deed for your library and your community.

We will continue to update you on the teams, the words, the donors and all things Bee '10. Stay tuned!

oooh, a day too late!

Now that the Bee words are published, I found a fabulous list of Shakespearian-sounding words on Wordnik.   If only I had seen it before, we might be learning to spell tickle-brained and rudesby.  Not all of the words on the list bear specific references to Shakespearian works, but they are a fun read.  I think I am going to go in and add "reechy"--if memory serves, Hamlet's uncle gave Hamlet's mother some reechy kisses...yuck.

If you are looking for more Elizabethan fun, try the Shakespearian Insulter. It attributes the insults, and it makes for a great study break...

Shakespeare was an amazing neologist--he contributed an enormous number of new words to our language. Luckily for him, Elizabethan English had more flexible spelling rules than we have today--Shakespeare himself spelled his own name a number of different ways.  I don't know how he'd do if he competed in our Bee, but I'm sure he'd make one heck of a word list for the players.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go pick up the word list--it's at the Library!

....And how satisfying it was to finish a job before the Last Possible Minute.  Thanks to our neighbors at Fedex-Kinko's in Needham, I was able to e-mail the pdf file to them at 1:05 a.m., and they had a draft ready for proofing before my youngest went out to the bus this morning.  Best of all, the entire order was ready for pickup right after school this afternoon--and the word list will be waiting for you when the Library opens its doors tomorrow morning.

Remember, you can get the list as soon as your paperwork is complete and your entry fee is paid.  Some of the parent teams from Chickering have decided to have one person post the full fee, and then be reimbursed by the rest of the team and other helping parents. The "Dear Friend" letter should facilitate collecting from a large group (such as parents of children in a classroom).  These tips can help you get the list as soon as possible.  You can buy your Mulligan later on--we have a "last call" at team registration on Bee night. (But be warned: we don't take IOUs.)

The theme of this year's Bee is Hit the Books.  When you get your list, you will see that the words are sorted in categories named after books that you may have read, or may want to read.  All you need is your library card, and the entire collection of the public libraries in our network are open to you.  It's easy to order books on line, and they will be delivered to the Circulation Desk in Dover...or wherever you might like to pick them up (this is a great feature if you work near another library--pick up your books on your lunch break).  This is one of the many valuable services your library offers you, at no cost.  Here is the link to the Minuteman Network catalog page, or you can access the collection through the Dover Town Library's website.

So, get your team together, sign up and prepare to hit the books!   We will, as time and energy permit, talk about some of the words here.  Stay tuned!


Four words - Cinnamon Croissant French Toast. It melts in your mouth, and it is one of the many delicious items on the menu at the Sherborn Inn. Long supporters of the Dover Library, the Sherborn Inn holds a special place in my heart - and dare I say my stomach?! Not only did I have a baby shower there, but my husband and I went for brunch there the day before I had my daughter. I was having early contractions but I was not going to let going into labor get between me and that french toast. It is that good! In addition to the Inn and Restaurant, there is also the Sherborn Out, which offers gourmet specialty food and cheeses, fresh baked goods, prepared meals, catering and a large selection of wine and spirits. For all the details, check out, and if you are lucky, you will get the Bee Tree word that corresponds to the $50 gift card they so generously donated, so you too can experience some of this culinary bliss right up the road.


For years, the Spelling Bee has awarded the winners "Enormous Bragging Rights" and your name on a plaque in the library. Thanks to Whole Foods in Dedham, we are upping the ante. This great community supporter is donating three $25 gift cards to the Bee to be awarded to the winning team, allowing them to stock up on healthy food to replenish brain cells after the competition! And what a selection there is - the store at Legacy Place is stocked full of gorgeous fresh fruits and veggies, energy bars and supplements, all natural bath products in which to unwind and relax, an amazing cheese section, flowers, wine, delicious pre-cooked meals and so much more. It is truly a store to lose yourself in - in a good way, of course! (The aisles are well marked and a friendly staffer will always point you in the right direction.) Whole Foods is also supplying snack crackers, fruit leathers and chocolate bars to sell at the Bee Cafe, providing healthy snacks to Bee attendees and finding yet another way that it can give back to the community.


I love beauty products, but I do not always like beauty product stores. Could be the pushy sales people, could be the overwhelming and competing scents, could just be oil and water. Enter Beauty and Main in Wellesley. I found my people, and my store. With a great product selection and knowledgeable staff, I was guided to several options of what I was looking for, I tried them out, my questions were answered and then I was left to make up my mind and peruse the shelves at my convenience. The staff was on hand but not in my face. There was no crazy lighting that was going to make me look like a movie star in the store and a drag queen on the street. Just natural light and some products that left me looking like myself - just a little better! Beauty and Main offers makeup consultations and other services - check out the details and the product lines they carry at And proving that beauty is not skin deep, this great store donated a gift basket worth $125 to our Bee Tree - Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Honey Bath, Chocolate Truffle Souffle Body Creme and lip gloss. Heaven!


I like to think I have a bit of get up and go, but when running errands with children in tow, it is easy to run out of gas fast and reach someone's meltdown threshold sooner rather than later. So I have learned to pay for convenience - or pay in another way! So imagine my surprise to learn that I could get convenience for free. Holly Cleaners comes to my house, picks up the dry cleaning, brings it back a few days later, and drumroll please ... delivery is free! I thought I had misread something, but no. Great cleaners, great service and they made a priceless perk just that. And as a customer, I can vouch for it all. The good people at Holly Cleaners also give back to the community, and this year, as in years past, they donated a $25 gift card to our Bee Tree. So now you too can get something for nothing!


There are few "things of the future" that seem to come to fruition, but a motor vehicle that can go in the water made the cut. With military precision, these nifty truck-boat hybrids provide the perfect perch to see Boston. Whether you are touring with out of town guests or enjoying a stay-cation in Beantown, there is no better way to see the city than on a Boston Duck Tour - by land AND by sea, natch. After cruising down the Freedom Trail, it's into the Charles for a spin. Imagine the route Paul Revere could have taken if he'd had one of these? The nice folks at Boston Duck Tours have generously donated Two Passes to our Bee Tree. Please note that these are good for weekdays in April, May, September, October and November only, which means you'll get a glorious day and miss the tourists.

The word list is at the printer's--meanwhile, here is a bonus word for you:


It is the way you feel when schools close due to a forecast of snow, but no snow falls.

--with thanks to Ms Wood's 3rd grade

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The theme for this Bee Hit the Books.  Words are linked to books you may have read, should have read, might want to read, could borrow from your Library...

The fundraiser is for the Library.  You people who play in the Bee (and those of you who read this blog) know the value of the public library.  Our efforts (available on Friday, even if I have to stay up all night!) will point you back to where you belong: in the books.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Friend....

We all get dozens of letters every year (usually e-mails, in this day and age) from friends of ours who are fundraising for some worthy cause. The Bee committee has written a Dear Friend letter to help you raise contributions to cover your team. The link is on the Library's website:[1].pdf .  Copy, alter, and send to your address book--it's that easy!

Many people want to make a contribution to the Bee, and this is a good way to help them help you play.

Remember, the more players we have, the more fun the Bee is for everyone. And the more we can do for our Library.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Letter to the Editor: read it and play!

The following has been submitted to local newspapers:

Dear Editor:

The Friends of the Dover Library is in full planning mode for the 5th Annual Dover Library Spelling Bee, our big spring fundraiser. Things are shaping up nicely - the word list is almost complete and donations are coming in - but we are still in need of teams to compete.

We are asking that all members of our community to consider being on a team to show their support of the library.

As you know, the Library is one of the most-loved and most-visited places in Dover. The library was recently (November '09) ranked as #7 in the nation and #1 in the state for libraries in towns the size of Dover. Part of that success is linked directly to community support.

What is not widely known is that Dover's Town budget does not pay for all of the books in the library. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires libraries to spend a certain percentage of their budget on books and materials in order to qualify for State Aid. Dover's municipal budget covers only a portion of that requirement, and the Friends pays for the rest. Without this support from volunteers and donors, our library would not be the library we all know and love.

The Friends (a 501c3 corporation) also pays for all of the programming that goes on at the Library (author nights, movies, children's events, the summer reading program), all of the free or low-cost museum passes available at the Circulation desk, and the other "extras" that we enjoy, such as magazine subscriptions and online databases. The Friends raises funds to provide these through its membership drive, the Holiday House Tour and the Spelling Bee.

The Bee will be held on Thursday, March 25th, from 7-9 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Town House.

As in years past, teams of three compete in preliminary rounds and then those winners face off in the final. You get to confer with your teammates and then a scribe writes down the team's response and all teams reveal their answers simultaneously to the audience and judges. The words are given in advance - so no excuses about not being a great speller! - and will be available by February 12 to teams with completed paperwork and paid entry fee.

The entry fee remains an anti-inflationary $300 per team, and each team may also purchase a $100 Mulligan to help them if they get in a bind. To help teams secure funding, this year the Friends has put together a letter that participants may send to their friends to solicit donations.

Remember: It is not about who wins the Bee. It is about coming together as a community so that the library wins - and thus so do we all.


Amelia Slawsby

President, Friends of the Dover Library

And the Bee Committee:

Jane Bleakley

Holly Collins, Trustee Liaison

Kate Haviland, Bee Chair

Anita Loscalzo

Jane Schmid
Take a bow, Mme President!