Monday, February 18, 2008

Last year's Bee finalists

Will they place again this year? Who knows. Watching the 2007 Bee reruns Wednesday evening on DCTV (channel 8), I was reminded of what incredibly good spellers all the finalists were. They went through all our "extra-hard" words!
Their skill should be remembered, and so here are the team names of last year's Championship Round participants: The Dover Foundation (excellent costumes); the Holey Spellers (yes, they can spell pharaoh); the Spellars; the Spellunkers (witty hats); and the champions, Spell Sesquipedalian. You can find Spell Sesquipedalian's name (along with names of the individual spellers) listed under the 2006 Champions, the Dover Mothers' Association, on the plaque next to the door in the Library's lower level.
Check out the replays on Channel 8, if you have time. In addition to some truly impressive spelling, you will see the camaraderie and good sportsmanship that makes our Bee a real Dover event.

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