Thursday, November 19, 2009

If I could draw, I still wouldn't have been clever enough to do this...

My 13-year-old is often a good source of unusual vocabulary words, and this time I don't mean the type you'd typically associate with a teenage boy: he is the one who gave me "strigel" (the flat scraper that bathers of antiquity used--to scrape off the olive oil they washed with) and "funambulist" (see below, if you've forgotten that one). So it's really no surprise that he brought to my attention recently.

This is a very witty website, and they have similarly funny paperback, which my son shared with me. Here is the link on the Minuteman Library Network--you can order it and pick it up at your library:
It is definitely worth a look. I'm going to mine it for Bee words.

A big THANK YOU goes to Park School English teacher Curt Miller, who introduced us to the Vocabulary Cartoons.

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