Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Better than Spell-check, and way more fun.

I follow @oedonline and @OxfordWords on Twitter, and enjoy their various offerings, which include things like Word of the Day, Foreign Word of the Day, and the OED Word of the Day.  OxfordWords just posted a link to common spelling mistakes, which you may find interesting.  As far as I could tell, these words don't vary depending on which continent you're spelling them on.  There is another page devoted to differences between British and American spellings.

By far the most entertaining page on the Oxford Dictionaries webpage is the on-line Spelling Bee.  You can choose one of three levels (Tricky, Difficult and Fiendish--and trust me, Fiendish IS fiendish), and you can choose American or British pronunciation.  You can even post your scores to your FaceBook page (um, no thanks--not after Fiendish!).

There is an entire page devoted to games, which looks like a fun place to spend a rainy afternoon. However, the sun is shining here, so out to do the weeding.

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