Friday, March 14, 2008

Mulligan Improvement

Based on feedback from seasoned players, we have made an important and beneficial change to the way Bee Mulligans work. In the past, we let you use the Mulligan to OPT OUT of spelling a word. This year, we are letting you use it like a golf Mulligan: if you misspell a word, you can hand in your Mulligan afterwards and stay in the round.

Mulligans cannot be used in the Championship Round. Only one Mulligan per team, and only one use per Mulligan. Mulligans cannot be transferred to other teams.

You can buy a Mulligan at the Library for only $100. Sign up for your Mulligan at the Library, and we'll hand them out on the Bee night (we'll probably put it in the Team Captain's goody bag).

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