Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pollinating the Bee Tree

The Bee Tree is a new venture for us, and we are excited to report that we have nearly 50 donors' gifts to sell. For prices ranging from $10 on up, buyers will select a word and receive a gift certificate for a donated item whose word is somehow linked to its identity. (Here's an example: purchasing the word "starched" might land you a gift certificate to a local dry-cleaner's.) The Greater Dover community has been extremely generous to the Bee Tree, and we have a huge variety of fabulous gifts and gift cards. We hope that you will shop for words (don't worry--the Tree words are much easier than the ones used in the Bee!) and show your appreciation to the many "pollinators" whose business support makes our Bee a success.

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Kate said...

Here is a partial list of the businesses who supported (or "pollinated") the Bee Tree:
AriaPen Calligraphy
Art Emporium
Blue Moon
Blue on Highland
By-the-Yard Landscape Design
Domino's Pizza
Dover Market
Fitness Advantage
J Gregory Lighting
Higgins Wines
Jing's Garden
Longhorn Steakhouse
Lord's Department Store
Manicures ont he Move
Medfield Seafoods
Not Your Average Joe's
Peacock Feather
Perennial Designs
Scorby's Camera
Sherborn Inn
Sweet Basil's
Taylor Stationery
Thai World
Zebra's Bistro
Gift cards or goods from these vendors will be sold on the Bee Tree, all at prices less than their value. Bring your wallets!