Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bee Support: it's IN THE BAG

In an effort to focus the community's attention on getting back to basics with Library support, the Bee Committee decided to give out reusable goody bags to our players. We approached our neighbors at Bridgewater Credit Union (right next to Dover Market, across from Dover Automotive), and they were very receptive to partnering with us to create a Bee Bag.
At our Dress Rehearsal today in the Town House, BCU Branch Manager Frank Nunes and BCU Marketing Coordinator Marsea Whooten stopped by to deliver these adorable BCU Bee Bags, which they had made for us. All of our contestants will receive a BCU Bee Bag, which can be used and reused--great for groceries AND library materials. (I keep bags like this in the back of my car for unforseen stops at the market.)
In the photo you see Frank and Marsea handing the bag over to Lorie Linnell, President of the Library Friends. In these times of increasing need and decreasing funding, you should thank all three of these folks for working together to support your Library.

Many thanks to BCU (Frank, Marsea and also Josh Berglund of the Dover branch) for their interest in and support of the Library.
Photos by Rick Tarara of DCTV Channel 8.

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