Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Man Who Would BEE King?

If we stop to consider it, most of us think of Bees (and libraries) as being largely feminine enterprises. The stereotypical Librarian is a woman who wears cat eyeglasses on a long chain and styles her hair in a tight bun. And, let's face it--hardly anybody gets excited about studying drones, and their (ironic cough) significant contributions to life in a hive.

Well, let me put some of those stereotypes to rest right here and now. One of the Library's (and the Bee's) most generous supporters is none other than Doug Wolfe, d/b/a Dover Automotive, right over on Whiting Road across from the Dover Market. If you have kids in the local sports programs, you have undoubtedly seen (or even laundered) shirts bearing the Dover Automotive name. If you look closely at the donor plaque in the Library foyer, you'll also notice that he's a bona fide Library supporter as well.

Dover Automotive has been an underwriter of the Bee since its inception, when Doug sponsored a team of high school kids who went all the way to the championship round. We should, as a community, recognize and thank him for his support. And we should edit out our preconceived notions regarding who is and isn't a valuable member of the Library community, not to mention a key player in the Dover hive.

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