Friday, January 15, 2010

Bon appétit, from one of our favorite bistrots

I was in Legacy Place the other day, buying shoes (again) for the son who is growing faster than a beanstalk. It was bitter cold, and we ducked into Aquitaine for a minute--I wanted to get my mother-in-law a gift card (it's probably her favorite lunch spot).

Aquitaine is as close to a real French bistrot as I've found since my au pair days in the 16th arrondisement. The service was as warm as the air inside, and before I realized what I was doing, I found myself chatting with the Manager about the upcoming Spelling Bee, while my teenager practiced oculogyrism and grew another 3 inches.

And--good, great, fabulous news--Steve, the manager of the Dedham Aquitaine--sent me an e-mail today announcing that Aquitaine Legacy Place is donating a $100 gift card to the Bee Tree.

Here is a link to their website, where you can see the menu and wine list, and even get a sense of the "feel" of the place: You should buy this card right off the Bee Tree on March 25th, and then take yourself and some friends out to dinner to reward yourself for being so generous to the Library. And, when you go, would you please tell Steve "merci" from the Bee?

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Jeffrey Gates said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and best luck with the library!
Jeffrey Gates
Aquitaine Group