Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Team: A Bee C

We have a challenger to the Spellunkers! The Dover School Committee has submitted a registration for a team called the A Bee Cs. We will see Jennifer DaSilva, Carolyn Ringel and James Stuart competing for our coveted Enormous Bragging Rights.

James Stuart has spelled before, for Precious Beginnings Preschool, and if I remember correctly, he's got a good memory for spelling words. We will have an interesting contest on March 25th!

It is so heartening to see town boards, particularly the school board, supporting the Library. People who are involved in the town understand the importance of having an excellent library, and are willing to commit to continuing that excellence. And the Dover Town Library and Chickering School share many goals with respect to education and learning.

Hats off to the A Bee Cs, both for supporting their Library AND for being prompt with their paperwork!

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