Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toast (Topper) of the Town!

Dover is a small town, and while that can limit whom to tap for fundraising efforts, it is a close-knit community and those who are here are extremely supportive and generous. Take for instance Fisher Brook Farm. Right here in Dover, Angela Wilson-Taylor makes delicious, all natural jam and marmalade. She uses local fruit when possible and often it comes from her own farm. And when we called about donating to the Bee, she gave a resounding "Yes!" In addition to providing a basket of jams and marmalades for the Bee Tree, she is also giving the Friends of the Library three jars, to be used as a superlative prize. Will have to think of what best fits with it - "latest team" because they were stuck in a traffic jam? No - do not want to encourage that! We have some time to work on it ... in the interim, visit her web site - - for more info or check out the selection right in town at Dover Market. Yummy!

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