Monday, March 15, 2010

Bee Cafe - Bring Cash or Bee Hungry!

While the main event is upstairs, don't forget about the Bee Cafe downstairs. Thanks to Vicki Hadar and a team of volunteers, we'll have pizza, snacks and water for sale so players can recharge those brain cells and audience members can grab a quick dinner. It's cash only, so bring your money and your appetite. Everything is $1 - best deal in town!

The Bee Cafe will sell:
Pizza by the slice - donated by California Pizza Kitchen (Wellesley)
Pizza by the slice - donated by Dover Cafe
Fruit strips - donated by Whole Foods (Dedham)
Cracker packs - donated by Whole Foods (Dedham)
Chocolate bars - donated by Whole Foods (Dedham)
Potato chips - donated by Save A Lot
Water - donated by Save A Lot

The Bee Cafe will be downstairs in the Council on Aging room, and all food must remain in there. But thanks to Dover Cable and a live TV feed, you will not miss any of the action.

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