Tuesday, March 23, 2010

See Well and Look Good

A couple of years back, we received the disturbing news that one of our kids would have to wear glasses...or else.  I was fine with the Must Wear Glasses part, it was the Or Else that scared me.

The pediatric opthamologist who handed us the diagnosis gave us one excellent practical piece of advice: fill the prescription locally.

Off we went to Linda Wirth at Dover Eyes, cranky toddler in tow.  It did not seem possible that we would ever get a pair of glasses onto our little wiggleworm--at least, not without velcro or tranquilizing darts--but Dr. Wirth turned out to be more than equal to the challenge.  Before long, we had special bifocals, with the curly around-the-ears frames and a kind of modified "croakie" to make sure the glasses stayed put, and a special "glasses bed" for nighttime storage.  And we suddenly found ourselves in the presence of a child who loves wearing glasses so much that he sleeps in them!

Soon we had another pair, and another, and finally some fabulous rec specs for sports. Other family members required glasses, contact lenses, (dare I admit to this?) bifocals...and Dover Eyes has everything we need, right over on Whiting Road.  And Dr. Wirth is as careful and meticulous with us older people as she is with the youngster.

If I could donate a dollar to the Friends of the Library for every emergency visit we made for glasses repair or adjustment, or contact lens issues, we probably wouldn't need a Bee, but that's another story.  Let's just say that having a quality optometrist in the neighborhood is worth more than you might imagine.

In addition to taking excellent care of our vision needs, Dover Eyes is a great library supporter.  Our inaugural Bee had a team from Dover Eyes, and they came up with the excellent idea of Mulligans. Dover Eyes has given generously to every Bee we've had.  We can add that to the long list of why we are grateful to have Dover Eyes right here in town!

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