Sunday, March 14, 2010


We have some more corporate donations to report ...

Bridgewater Credit Union, right here in Dover, is donating $100 to the Bee, giving at the Worker Bee level. BCU gave to our Bee last year too, and it is so nice to have an in-town business supporting our library!

Coldwell Banker, Wellesley office has had a team play each year in the Bee, and they are continuing that tradition once more. By sponsoring a company team, they are giving at the Honey Bee level and showing that they believe in the community they serve.

Middlesex Savings Bank, Needham Branch, has donated tote bags to the Bee, as well as other tchotchkes (pens, clips, stress balls) for the players to have. Thank you for your support!

Scrub A Dub Car Wash has also contributed at the Honey Bee level, and their donation will be used to sponsor Team Kara, which is made up of high school students on the library's Youth Advisory Board. A long-time supporter of the library, we appreciate Scrub A Dub's continued support.

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Kate said...

Oooh, I want to make "tchotchkes" a Bee word! Maybe Sudden Death Overtime...