Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bee-ing silly...bring your wallet

The Bee committee has been incredibly busy, building teams, soliciting and managing donations, planning the nuts and bolts of the evening...and you undoubtedly remember from your years as a student that being way too busy can lead to a certain brand of silliness.  Yes, that would be us.

We got together for a Bee Supply meeting on Tuesday, and after we went through the goodies for the team superlative awards, we somehow wound up ironing Jane's bees onto t-shirts.  Blame it on the coffee...

We will be selling these masterpieces on Bee Night, and believe me--anyone you happen to know between the sizes of Youth 10 and Youth 20 will want one of these shirts.  The cost is $10 each or two for $15 (we're giving a break to siblings).  The cost of the shirts (not to mention the labor) has been donated, so anything we make on these masterpieces will go directly to support your Library.

Bring your wallet and get silly with us.

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