Monday, March 1, 2010

Just the Neighbors

We are thrilled to welcome the Just the Neighbors team back to the Bee.  This team has been playing, in various compositions, for several years now. In fact, one of the members--Nancy Simms--has played in every single Bee we've had! (She's good, too--watch out!)

This year Nancy is joined by another veteran speller--Tom Dixon--and by her husband, Jamie Simms.

Don't be fooled by their folksy name:  based on what I know of them, I'd say that these three have a very strong chance in the Bee.  Just the Neighbors may be Just the Winning Team....

We're hoping to send some customers Tom's way by holding a Study Night at the Legion before the Bee (Tom "moonlights" there, and has been a strong and loyal supporter of the facility for ages).  Stay tuned!

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