Sunday, February 28, 2010


Trader Joe’s in Needham has graciously agree to donate a $50 bag of groceries to our Bee Tree. Trader Joe’s is one of those gem stores – offering a variety of foods and always at a good price. Back in my college days in Southern California, where Trader Joe’s is based, it was the go to store for everything. Food was fresh and healthy and suited a college budget; it was also where you could get Vodka of the Gods, THE party mixer, which I believe, due to MA liquor laws in not available out here. But I digress … Nowadays, I stock up on cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies, organic milk (best non-sale price I’ve found), and the microwave hash browns that are the only thing my 4 year old will eat for breakfast. If they are out of them, it is because I usually buy all they have in stock – sorry! Due to my waistband, I try to avoid the frozen croissants (regular and chocolate!) but if you want ones that are bakery fresh, these are for you. I always leave with a full bag of goodies and a jingle in my pocket – who could ask for more?

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