Friday, February 12, 2010

oooh, a day too late!

Now that the Bee words are published, I found a fabulous list of Shakespearian-sounding words on Wordnik.   If only I had seen it before, we might be learning to spell tickle-brained and rudesby.  Not all of the words on the list bear specific references to Shakespearian works, but they are a fun read.  I think I am going to go in and add "reechy"--if memory serves, Hamlet's uncle gave Hamlet's mother some reechy kisses...yuck.

If you are looking for more Elizabethan fun, try the Shakespearian Insulter. It attributes the insults, and it makes for a great study break...

Shakespeare was an amazing neologist--he contributed an enormous number of new words to our language. Luckily for him, Elizabethan English had more flexible spelling rules than we have today--Shakespeare himself spelled his own name a number of different ways.  I don't know how he'd do if he competed in our Bee, but I'm sure he'd make one heck of a word list for the players.

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