Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go pick up the word list--it's at the Library!

....And how satisfying it was to finish a job before the Last Possible Minute.  Thanks to our neighbors at Fedex-Kinko's in Needham, I was able to e-mail the pdf file to them at 1:05 a.m., and they had a draft ready for proofing before my youngest went out to the bus this morning.  Best of all, the entire order was ready for pickup right after school this afternoon--and the word list will be waiting for you when the Library opens its doors tomorrow morning.

Remember, you can get the list as soon as your paperwork is complete and your entry fee is paid.  Some of the parent teams from Chickering have decided to have one person post the full fee, and then be reimbursed by the rest of the team and other helping parents. The "Dear Friend" letter should facilitate collecting from a large group (such as parents of children in a classroom).  These tips can help you get the list as soon as possible.  You can buy your Mulligan later on--we have a "last call" at team registration on Bee night. (But be warned: we don't take IOUs.)

The theme of this year's Bee is Hit the Books.  When you get your list, you will see that the words are sorted in categories named after books that you may have read, or may want to read.  All you need is your library card, and the entire collection of the public libraries in our network are open to you.  It's easy to order books on line, and they will be delivered to the Circulation Desk in Dover...or wherever you might like to pick them up (this is a great feature if you work near another library--pick up your books on your lunch break).  This is one of the many valuable services your library offers you, at no cost.  Here is the link to the Minuteman Network catalog page, or you can access the collection through the Dover Town Library's website.

So, get your team together, sign up and prepare to hit the books!   We will, as time and energy permit, talk about some of the words here.  Stay tuned!

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