Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I can’t believe my spell checker did not highlight that! I wrote it because we need an especially magnificent word to describe our Top #1 Superdonor, Dover Automotive.

If you live in Dover, chances are Doug Wolfe changes your oil. He does a variety of repair work for us. Once the running board snapped off the side of my car, and the dealer wanted big bucks and a couple of weeks to replace it. Doug did it for a fraction of that cost, and faster than I could have gotten to and from a dealer. After that, there was no turning back for us—everything automotive goes to Doug. If he can’t fix it, he will tell you.

Doug recently made me look like a superhero, which is no mean feat. I was home one morning when the phone rang: my teenager had forgotten that it was school picture day and was wearing a t-shirt. We use those school photos for Christmas gifts, so I figured this was not the time for a “teachable moment”. I found an acceptable outfit and prepared to drive it to school, only to discover that my car battery had died.

The first line of defense was to call the 800 number on my windshield, so I did that. Got a jump start pretty quickly, but the driver did tell me that he thought my battery was stone dead and that I should drive right over to the dealer to get it replaced. Well, that was all very nice and good, but I had a shirt to deliver, so I did what any sensible person in my position would have done: called Doug.

Doug picked up on the first ring, and gave me these instructions: “Go to school and deliver the shirt, but do not turn the car off. When you have finished delivering, come directly here to the shop.” Off I ran, ignoring the “no idling” law in the school parking lot, and then back to Dover Automotive.

Doug took a look under the hood and said “Do you have to be anywhere in the next 15 minutes?” Well, I had a school pickup for a tennis lesson in 20 minutes, but I did have 15 minutes. “Wait right there” said Doug, and off he went, phone ringing in his hand.

In twelve minutes I was driving out of Whiting Road with a brand new battery. Picked up my carpool, off to tennis, and then made the other carpool. Looked like an absolute hero. (Not that anyone in my car noticed, but that’s a different story.)

Where else can this happen but Dover Automotive?

(Oh, and the school picture came out great.)

Thanks, Doug! Your generous contribution makes the Bee run smoothly, just like the cars.

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