Thursday, February 11, 2010


For years, the Spelling Bee has awarded the winners "Enormous Bragging Rights" and your name on a plaque in the library. Thanks to Whole Foods in Dedham, we are upping the ante. This great community supporter is donating three $25 gift cards to the Bee to be awarded to the winning team, allowing them to stock up on healthy food to replenish brain cells after the competition! And what a selection there is - the store at Legacy Place is stocked full of gorgeous fresh fruits and veggies, energy bars and supplements, all natural bath products in which to unwind and relax, an amazing cheese section, flowers, wine, delicious pre-cooked meals and so much more. It is truly a store to lose yourself in - in a good way, of course! (The aisles are well marked and a friendly staffer will always point you in the right direction.) Whole Foods is also supplying snack crackers, fruit leathers and chocolate bars to sell at the Bee Cafe, providing healthy snacks to Bee attendees and finding yet another way that it can give back to the community.

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Kate said...

I was in Whole Foods the other day, and made a point of thanking them for supporting my library. There is a big poster on the hall in the foyer, stating that BEE DAY is March 15th--all things Bee will be featured for sale: cosmetics, honey, bee pollen, and the like. Go check it out, if you have the time! And be sure to thank the store for supporting OUR Bee.