Sunday, February 21, 2010


With no offense to the profession, it is rare to find a dentist that kids actually want to go see. However, such is the case with Dr. Mark Manikian, DDS, on Centre Street. Both my son and I see him, and my son loves to go show off his teeth and get his clean teeth certificate from Dr. Manikian. Each night while brushing, my son proudly says he is doing a good job - "just like Dr. Manikian said to." A longtime resident, Dr. Manikian is another person who gives back to our town's resources, donating as a "Busy Bee" to our Bee. We appreciate his support of the library and, thanks to his skills, can flash our pearly whites with confidence!

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Kate said...

Hanging that "Certificate of Good Brushing" has been a ritual in our house over the years. Before they knew what cursive writing was, my kids referred to any kind of script as "Dr. Manikian font", because his signature adorns every certificate.