Friday, February 19, 2010


It is rare that you can say a grocery store actually saved the day, but in the case of Dover Market, it is true. It was my mother-in-law's birthday and I was making dinner and my 4 year old wanted to make the cake. As the day wore on, it became increasingly clear that there was no way this was all going to come together. Enter Dover Market. I called and got Chef Cindy and she set aside for us some amazing chicken - far better than what I was attempting to cook - and some beautiful flowers from Lovell's that they had right there in the front. With that taken care of, and the sides already made, we could focus on bigger issues - like exactly how many sprinkles will fit on a cake! But whether it is a dinner emergency, high end meats, catering, daily groceries or just a milk run, Dover Market has you covered. Dover Market also is a long supporter of the library - did you have the amazing sausages Dave Felleman made for the Friends' Oktoberfest? Or Chef Cindy's soup and pastry puffs at the Holiday House Tour? If you did not have either, stop by today to see what you are missing. And the Dover Market has come through again, donating a $50 gift card to the Bee Tree. Thank you!

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