Friday, February 12, 2010

The Teams are rolling in!

Now that the words are published, the pressure is on for teams to form and start preparing.  I'm delighted to report that we have several teams--new and returning--emerging to play in the 2010 Bee.

So far, Ms Wood's Chickering class wins the prize for the most Bee participants.  The class voted on the name for the team of parents representing the class: Wood's Word Wizards (you cannot say that 10 times fast--unless you are in the 3rd grade) consists of two-time Bee veteran Sara Muckstadt, joined by newbies (new-bees?) Laura Rinaldi and Dick Greene.  Watch out for this team; I suspect they're going to be very good.  And I know that their cheering section will be very loud...

Ms Wood's class can also claim bragging rights for part of the Bee List Celebrities, constituted by Greg Kahoun and Chickering parents Will Bleakley (Ms Wood's class) and Paul Fiore.  These three won the round that sent me scrambling for the dictionary last year--they ran me out of words.  Watching how fluidly they responded to the difficult words read by MC George Doherty last spring, I had the sudden and alarming impression that they must use words like terpsichorean and immiserate in everyday speech. I'm glad that my high-schooler is not taking the SATs alongside of these guys--they'd blow the curve.

Talk to the parents of your children's friends and classmates, and form a team. The Dear Friend letter makes it easy to get a wide base of support relatively quickly, and puts you in the game.  Your kids will be so proud of you for playing (and they might even help you study!), and you will be doing a very good deed for your library and your community.

We will continue to update you on the teams, the words, the donors and all things Bee '10. Stay tuned!

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