Sunday, February 21, 2010


If you read these entries, you'll find I am a fan of places that deliver. And Roche Bros. is a great delivery store. They have all the things I need, and my groceries come to me! But it is also fun to go to the store in Wellesley, where I can peruse the aisles and ogle the ready-made cases. They have kid-sized carts, much to my kids' delight. The upside is that each child gets a cart to push and stays happy; the downside is it can take 45 minutes to get 20 things! But what we lack in speed we make up in fun. The folks at Roche Bros. are friendly and helpful, and they are also supporters of the Dover Library. They have given gift cards and products to past events, and this year, they are "Honey Bee" donors. Quality service indeed! Check out their locations and delivery options at

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