Sunday, February 21, 2010


Who can be nicer than people who help animals? It's hard to think of anyone, and no one is a greater friend of my cat than Dr. Holly Kelsey and the team at Chestnut Street Animal Hospital - just up the road on Chestnut Street in Needham. I won't go as far to say he likes to get in the carrier to go to the vet, but once he arrives and sees where he is, he does relax a bit! When we moved here, several people referred me to them, and they take excellent car of Smokey. They also take care of the community, and this year are "Busy Bee" donors to the Bee. Now that's something we can all purr about!

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Kate said...

There's a commonly-held belief that pets dislike going to the V-E-T (my college roommate used to spell it out so that her cat wouldn't understand what she was saying, and hide when it was time to go), but my Rocket LOVES going to Dr. Kelsey.
We just returned from a very thorough physical. I continue to be impressed with everything about Holly's practice. Of course, my dog loves Holly and her staff, but I find that they are terrific for us two-legged dogs, as well: they are very committed to educating the pets' families. Today I learned all about the differences in the popular flea-and-tick repellents available today (and why you should NEVER buy them from any source other than your vet--ask them, it's scary!), and got a bunch of nutrition tips for overweight aging dogs.

The staff has the knack for being informative and educational without being confusing or condescending. Something to wag about, for sure!